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Andréa Altman, M.S., BCTMB 

The Green Mountain Massage School was founded by Andréa Altman.  It evolved from a series of experiences during her decades of teaching at two and four year colleges where she taught Massage Therapy, Anatomy and Physiology I & II, and Introduction to Nutrition. 

Andréa noticed the increased demand for online and distance learning formats.  She also realized the limited access to affordable massage therapy training programs.  The combination of time limitations, and high education costs made it challenging for students to enter the field of massage therapy.  She was inspired to create a school that would allow students to become leading experts in the field of massage therapy, while still keeping up with the demands of daily life, work, family, and school. 

The Green Mountain Massage School has a unique structure for instruction.  Andréa is the core teacher for the GMMS.  The curriculum includes local practitioners, who are experts in their field, to be guest presenters for the students. The massage professionals who will be providing the mini workshops will change depending on the subject and practitioner availability. 

The guest practitioner will demonstrate hands on skills of their specific modality.  The students will have supervised hands on practice time, and a portion of their distance work will relate to the concepts that were taught in the presentation. This innovative format allows for students to have increased access to, and opportunity for interaction with, massage and bodywork professionals in the community ~ which brings real life examples into the classroom and deepens student learning.

Andréa Altman is a Board Certified Massage Therapist, holds an M.S. in Nutrition, a B.S. in Environmental Science, and is a trained Colon Hydrotherapist.  She graduated from the Scherer’s Academy of Natural Healing (now called the Santa Fe School of Massage) in 1996.  Over the many years, she has taken numerous training and certifications in a variety of massage and bodywork modalities.  She has incorporated these techniques into her private practice ~ Connecting Rhythms Bodywork, and approaches client care with multiple modalities. 

Andréa offers a variety of treatment choices, including Swedish and Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Bodywork, Thai Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Massage Cupping™, Hot Stone Massage, and other Body Treatments using natural products such as sugar or salt scrubs, mud/clay wraps, and essential oils.   She also offers Holistic Nutritional Consulting for clients who want to heal from the inside out, identify the root cause of their digestive problems, and encourage their body to eliminate toxins.   Her practice is located at Moonlight Studios, in the beautiful building that is also the home of Green Mountain Massage School.

For details and information, email

Green Mountain Massage School
Moonlight Studios
1670 Cleveland Corners Rd
Hyde Park, VT 05655

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